BMW i3 – Electric

Whatever age of BMW i3 you have, DRW Services should be your first choice for i3 servicing around Hurlford and Kilmarnock.

Every BMW service includes a service history check, to see if anything has previously been missed or is overdue, and we’ll advise as required. We have access to BMW systems and can fully update your records, and provide you with a printout.

BMW i3 Service


DRW Services will service your i3 according to the BMW schedule and recommendations, which means that your BMW warranty remains intact. For the i3 that has left its warranty period, we can tailor the servicing to meet your vehicle’s needs.

Keep Your BMW i3 Warranty Safe at DRW Services

Having your BMW i3 serviced at DRW Services will keep any warranty that you have left on your vehicle safe, just as it would at the BMW dealership, but our service is better and our prices are lower.

If your vehicle is still in its warranty period, we’ll service it according to the BMW servicing schedule using only approved parts and lubricants so that your warranty stays valid.

Call DRW Services on 01563 558800 or contact us online for more information and to book your BMW i3 for a service.

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