Automatic Gearbox Servicing

DRW Services provide automatic gearbox servicing on BMW and Mercedes vehicles in Hurlford, just outside Kilmarnock.

Unlike many garages that only have the technology to take out about 60% of the old gearbox fluid, when we service automatic gearboxes we remove 100% of the old fluid as it can become viscous and less lubricating as it ages. For a really effective service, it’s essential to flush out the entirety of the liquid and replace it with new so that the metal components of the gearbox are correctly lubricated and any damage-causing friction can be avoided. This is what we do at DRW Services.

We are one of the very few garages that have the specialist equipment and skillset to be able to service the BMW ZF automatic gearboxes. These state-of-the-art automatic gearboxes put less emphasis on the number of speeds and more emphasis on increasing fuel efficiency. They were created to be lighter than standard automatic gearboxes, raising the bar for adaptability, effectiveness and affordability. Widely regarded as the best on the market, BMW first used this gearbox with the BMW 7-Series F01 and since then, all new BMW automatic cars have been fitted with ZF gearboxes. The team at DRW Services are trained and experienced in servicing ZF automatic gearboxes and we are fortunate to have the specialist equipment that allows us to offer this service to our BMW customers.

DRW Services is an independent BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicle specialist in Hurlford, offering vehicle owners a genuine alternative to expensive main dealers. We are pleased to be able to offer Payment Assist as an interest-free method of paying for the work we do on your vehicle in four equal instalments; please ask any of our team for further information.

To find out more about Automatic Gearbox Servicing in Hurlford, contact us online or call us directly on 01563 558800

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