Car Air Conditioning

How often you have a car air conditioning recharge will ultimately depend on how much you use your air-con, but most manufacturers would recommend every two years.

This will make sure that your air conditioning always keeps you cool. Even if you don’t use your air conditioning much, it’s worth letting it run for a while every few months to allow lubricant to pass through the system which will help to prevent the compressor seals from drying out and cracking.

DRW Services has invested in a state-of-the-art air conditioning machine, giving us the capacity to carry out full air conditioning services and repairs for vehicles with R1234a (the older gas) and R1234yf (the newer gas). We recommend having your car’s air-con checked every 2-3 years to ensure it is working correctly, and to identify any potential leaks or system faults.

What’s included in a full air-conditioning service?

As part of your full air-con service, we:

  • drain the system
  • carry out a leak test under a vacuum
  • add the required amount of oil and dye into the system
  • fully regas, replace the cabin filter
  • use an anti-bacterial treatment in the cabin to help kill any viruses or germs
  • fully treat the a/c system.

If it’s a while since you last had an air conditioning recharge, give our team at DRW Services in Hurlford, a call, and we can do an air conditioning check to see if you need a recharge. We use both air conditioning gas types.

DRW Services is an independent BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicle specialist in Hurlford, offering vehicle owners a genuine alternative to expensive main dealers. We are pleased to be able to offer Payment Assist as an interest-free method of paying for the work we do on your vehicle in four equal instalments; please ask any of our team for further information.

To find out more about Car Air Conditioning in Hurlford, contact us online or call us directly on 01563 558800

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